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     The End of Bullying Begins With YOU!

     To Foster Empathy For Bullying Prevention

     What's Hidden in Plain Sight - Part 1

     What's Hidden in Plain Sight - Part 2

     Social Media is Bringing Our Teens Down

     New Year, New Rules - Cell Phone Contract

     What You Can Do To Improve Your Mental Health

     Know! What’s Trending – The Tide Pod Challenge

     Know! To Talk Teen Relationships and Dating

     How To Talk To Your Kids About School Violence

     Warning - JUUL at Your School

     April is Alcohol Awareness Month

     To Stand Firm Against Underage Drinking

     Fitness #4Mind4Body

     Summertime Increases Risk

     The Key Skills for Your Child's Academic Success

     The Risk Factors Associated with Drug Addiction

     Not To Be A Lawnmower Parent

     The Link Between Alcohol And Sexual Assault

     Sexual Assault Prevention Tips for Teens

     To Give and Receive the Gift of Kindness

     Beyond the Holiday Blues

     The New Danger – Nicotine Toothpicks

     Sleep is Fuel for Life

     How Your Child’s Health Habits Rank

     What’s New with 420

     Underage Drinking is a Big Deal

     Your Parental Role: First Line of Defense

     Parents Who Host Lose The Most:

          Don't Be a Party to Teenage Drinking

     Teen Sex Trafficking: What Parents Need to KNOW

     Teen Sex Trafficking: To Educate Them to Protect Them

     To Pump Them Up for a Successful New School Year

     School Lockdowns, Classroom Shelters, and Bulletproof Backpacks - Oh My!

To Defend Against Mean Girls


Teachable Moments:

     Mental Health

     13 Reasons Why

     Transition Increases Risk

     The Three Steps to a Happy New You (01-2019)

     The Facts on Youth Suicide (02-2019)


Tobacco Free Schools


Start Talking


Mental Health Awareness Month (05/2018)
     Project AWARE Ohio May 14 2018 e-newsletter

     Project AWARE Ohio Trauma Brief

     Eating Disorders Brief

     Non Suicidal Self Injury

     Teen Dating Violence

     Teen Suicide Prevention Info Brief

     Substance Abuse Info Brief

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